How Do I Unlock My Vape Instructions

When users first get ahold of their vape pens, they may or may not be aware that some models will end up being locked prior to being used for the first time. Locked vapes are a necessary step to ensure the integrity of the device. In this article we will be going over one of the most basic but overlooked aspects of first-time vape users.

by: Anthony E. | 11/30/21 2:30PM


When You First Get Your Vape Pen

Upon first getting a vape pen, it will be customary to find it locked. You may or may not even be aware of such a feature. The main purpose of this feature is to keep the vape safe from the hands of children and the like. What most vape users end up doing is looking through the instruction manual! We highly recommend that you do so before turning on your vape.

Other than protecting kids, the lock feature is also to protect the battery. One way to test whether a vape is locked or not is to turn it on (after reading the instruction manual). If it turns on, then the lock feature was not activated.

The most likely scenario is that the vape will have battery power straight out of the box. If not, you will have to initially charge it in order to use it for the first time. After you have fully charged it, then you can begin to turn it on and work out the features before your first vape session. The first step will be to unlock it once it has been charged up.

How to Unlock Your Vape

There are many brands and models of vapes, though locking and unlocking the device is roughly the same across the board. The most common way to unlock a vape is by repeatedly pressing the power button until you see a light flashing (typically clicking 5 times in a row is the standard). This will usually indicate the operation of the lick feature and will then be unlocked.

The key is to press the button(s) quickly according to the instruction’s manual, otherwise the vape may not unlock. A typical number of times would be around 5 or 6 times in rapid succession to unlock a vape pen. Once the vape has been unlocked, you can begin to test it by pressing the power button again and seeing if the light remains steady, thus indicating it is ready to use.

It is highly recommended that you consult the instruction manual to get an exact instruction on how to unlock your device. If for some reason your device did not come with instructions, then you could always call or email the manufacturer directly, or even look up some videos online to further help you with how to unlock your specific device.


Locking Your Vape

In roughly the same way you first unlocked your device, this will usually end up being the same way you lock it up again. Simply start by pressing the button(s) a few times in quick succession to lock the vape pen. The best way to test whether it has been successfully locked is to press the button again to see if the light comes on, flashes, or otherwise stays on.

While a locking feature may seem tedious or unnecessary to those without children or those who want a quick, streamlined vape session, a locking feature is always a good idea. In fact, you might even want to consider locking your vape every time after using it to establish the habit. This will make the vape less prone to going off in your pocket or bag.

Locking the vape is not necessary, however, it is just a highly recommended feature that can only help to lengthen the lifespan and integrity of your vape. Also, when not locked, the button can activate in your pocket and start vaporizing your vape cartridge, therefore wasting valuable product. Though most vapes can be locked, many vape users leave the vapes unlocked, especially if they do not know about the lock feature.


What if My Vape Pen Does Not Unlock?

While this may be a rather uncommon occurrence, it does happen. If you have tried to follow the above procedure or the one found in your instruction manual and you find that your vape will not unlock, then you will want to consider taking it back to the store or manufacturer to take a closer look at it. You might just have a dud in your hands.

Before doing that, however, you might want to simply check to see that your battery has been fully charged. The most common cause of having a locked vape is a dead battery. Try charging your vape for 10 minutes and unlock it to see if this has any impact on it. You will know that your vape is charging as most vapes emit a light to indicate the charging process.

The typical lifespan of a vape battery is for a few years, depending on your usage and vaping habits. The more often you use it, the sooner you will likely have to replace the battery. Conversely, it should also be noted that those who seldom ever use their vapes or charge their battery also experience premature battery malfunctions. If your battery is under 2 years and you have charged it and it still will not unlock, then get a replacement.

Final Thoughts

The thought of locking and unlocking a vape may not seem like a very big deal, and most people seldom ever really stop to think about it. After all, it just seems like common sense to unlock a vape, but the truth is that many who come to vaping for the first time do not know the ins and outs of their vape pen, let alone the inner components and how they operate.

Some vape users choose to go the extra step of learning about electricity and variable voltage settings in order to service or augment their own vapes! If you choose to lock your vape, just make sure you remember how to unlock it. First-time users sometimes forget the fundamentals and might end up confusing user error for a true mechanical malfunction.

If you choose to have a vape with a locking feature, always make sure you go for a vape that has a good track record and is backed by a reputable company that is well known within the vaping community.

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