How Many Types of Vaporizers are There?

The modern vape market has exploded in recent years with new brands and models popping up everywhere. With so many options to choose from, it can be rather daunting to know which one may be right for you. In this article we will be going over the many different types of vaporizers and which ones are suitable for your needs.

by: Anthony E. | 01/21/22 2:30PM


Box Mods, Vape Pens, and Dabbers, Oh My!

Vapes are literally everywhere. When it comes to certain types of vapes, you will come to find that each type has a particular benefit. Box mods for example are typically shaped like cubic, rectangular devices that fill up your hand, hence the name. They are flat on both sides which prevents them from rolling off tables and are typically the bets when it comes to thick vapor production.

Vape pens on the other hand can rival what box mods can do in terms of vapor production but are far more fragile and prone to rolling off tables and such. Nonetheless, vape pens are popular for their stealthy appearance and ability to switch between vape modalities, all within the convenience of a small, thin unit.

Dabbers can be desktop vapes capable of utilizing wax concentrates. Dab rigs use no electricity and instead rely on manual heat applications to produce vapor in the form of a hit. With so many options to choose from, vaping can be quite the journey to discover what types of methods you will come to choose and prefer. Not all vapes are created equal, and so choosing the right type of vape takes diligence.


Types of Box Mods

There are many types of box mods on the market. Some are big, some are small, and some specialize in vaping every type of modality. The SteamCloud Box Mod fits the description for being one of the most affordable, reliable, and efficient box mods on the market today. In fact, box mods like this can vape everything from dry herbs to e-juice and everything in between.

Small, ergonomic, and convenience come together in one powerful little package when you get a hold of a vape like this. Box mods are notorious for being thick cloud producers, making them the most popular vaping option on the market. More users go for box mods than any other type of vape. It is not uncommon to find that even if one has a vape pen for a main vape, a box mod will usually comprise a collection as well.

Box mods are also known for giving more control to the user in the form of variable voltage and wattage settings. This allows the user to fully customize a vape session and minimizes the effects of over/under consumption. The only caveat with a box mod is realizing that with great power comes a considerable learning curve. You will want to understand your vape to fully take advantage of its potential.

Types of Vape Pens

Like box mods, some vape pens are capable of vaping everything from wax, dry herbs, e-juice, and oil concentrates. Models like the SteamCloud EVOD are a perfect example of such a capable vape pen. Other vape pens like the Titan 1 and Titan 2 can only utilize dry herbs in their chambers and are not meant to vape other types of materials.

Certain types of vape pens like the AGO are considered hybrid vapes that can utilize both combustion and vaporization capabilities. Perfect for smokers and those transitioning into vaping for the first time, vapes like the AGO can only accommodate dry herbs and are not considered to be heavy vapor producers. This can be rather desirable if one wants an entry-level vape that can switch between smoking and vaping.

Combination vapes or 3-in-1 vapes as they are popularly known can take the form of either a box mod or a traditional vape pen. Some vape pens are only capable of vaping oil concentrates and e-juice which makes 3-in-1 vapes more convenient. Users often find themselves wanting to pick and choose which modality suits them best without having to invest in an additional unit that specializes only in that one modality.


Types of Dabbers

Desktop vapes and dab rigs comprise the category of a dabber. Known for utilizing wax concentrates, a dabber has the most parts and accessories of any vaping category. Everything from e-nails and dab tools can be used to produce a nice hit from a dab rig. Because this method does not use electricity to produce vapor, dabbers are more hands-on than most other vapes.

There are, however, dabbing devices that do use electricity to make vaping from a rig or desktop easier and more efficient. Devices such as the G Pen Connect E-Nail are essentially dab nails that use electricity instead of manual heat applications to deliver vapor from a dab. Other dab rigs replace traditional rigs altogether with electrical output.

The Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig is just such a model. Capable of producing great dab hits without traditional dab tools is how the Puffco Peak operates. Whether you go for traditional or high-tech vaping devices will all be a matter of choice and personal preference. Each comes with their own unique set up and pros. No matter what you get, always aim for a model from a reputable brand.

Final Thoughts

Portable vapes have become way more popular than traditional desktop vapes. The truth is that nothing will ever come to match the power that a desktop vape can produce, being as how they are directly plugged into wall outlets and can go for longer periods of time. Vapes like this are bets for people who are home-bound or want a longer vape session.

Portable vapes are the most popular and can be either a box mod or a vape pen of some sort. What modality you choose will be up to you, though it is highly recommended that you go for a vape that can utilize all vaping modalities. This will make vaping easier and more cost effective in the long run.

Box mods have come to receive the best recognition of all the other vapes for their ability to produce huge vapor clouds and for their customizability. Vape pens are popular choices for stealth users and those who are on the go and want to vape on the fly. No matter what you go for, just make sure that if you end up with a portable model, you always have a fully charged battery!

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