PUFFCO Peak Vaporizer Review

The PUFFCO Peak Vaporizer is a top vape that will deliver one of the best dabbing experiences. Designed basically to be a dab rig, it is guaranteed to deliver hugs puffs of vapor.

by: Anthony E. | 12/11/19 2:30PM


With some of the most unique products to ever hit the vaping scene, Puffco comes through with the Peak, which has come to be a favorite among vape enthusiasts across the world! The PUFFCO Peak is a vaporizer but because of its design, many refer to it as an electric dab rig, or a smart rig.


Whether your next vaping session calls for your favorite wax or oil concentrate, make sure it is done with a Puffco Peak vaporizer! As pioneers of one of the most innovative & original brands in the business of vape products, the Puffco Peak defines the industry of vaping technology with a stellar design & high-quality manufacturing. A unique construction marks this vape as being a leading product that is aesthetically pleasing, and highly efficient as far as vaping devices go.

Though truly a much newer company to hit the vaping market, Puffco sets the bar rather high for their standards in the industry, and challenges others to match. A company that has wholly dedicated their focus to becoming the world’s most dominant brand & manufacturer of providing the best vapes for your concentrates, the Puffco Peak’s accolades speak for themselves as a testament to the trust & reliability that Puffco has come to be recognized for. Puffco is a world leading brand name within the vaping community and is in fact so renowned with success, that they have been featured in famous magazines such as Rolling Stone! They are without a doubt, one of the best brands within our vape shop!

Features of the Puffco Peak

Features of the Puffco Peak

With 4 unique settings to accommodate your experience with just a 20 second heat up time, the Peak is ready when you are! Supporting the feature of haptic feedback to keep your vape sessions on point, it is no wonder why the Peak has the positive reputation that it does! No other vape on the market can boast the uniqueness of this particular model, and no other vape will ever come close. Defining the innovation that Puffco has come to be known for, the Peak is truly a marvel to behold as an exclusive standalone vaporizer.

Conveniently sized, portable, and efficient, the Peak illustrates class by being one of the world’s most exceptional designs for a modern dab rig. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, wanting small tailored sessions or giant puffy vape clouds, the Puffco Peak classifies itself as a Smart Rig that is capable of intelligent temperature calibration. The unit itself is shaped like a volcano or lava lamp type of construction, making this a truly unique model within the vaping community. Its ergonomic design is perfect for holding in one hand and taking a fat rip without having to resort to using a torch.

Why Choose the Puffco Peak?

Puffco has a passion for generating value in every product that they sell, as the Peak model remains an icon within the vaping community. No other vape comes close to being as innovative or original. Every unit that is made by Puffco is also backed by their trusted brand name in reliability & customer satisfaction. The real question is if it is worth not having a Puffco Peak unit as your actual go to for all your vaping needs! The reason being is how dedicated this brand is to providing users with the highest quality vapes on the market, coupled with an unyielding desire to maintain & produce excellent standards that set the bar for the rest of the industry.

All Puffco products are designed by vape enthusiasts, for vape enthusiasts! The Peak stands out as Puffco’s pride & joy for all vapes on the market. Another reason to choose the Peak is because you will no longer have to worry about using torches to vape your material ever again! Utilizing some of the most advanced vaping technology in the business ensures your Peak will deliver a high-quality experience for years to come. The Puffco Peak is rated one of the best!


How to Use the Puffco Peak

How to Use the Puffco Peak

Simply loading up your favorite wax concentrates into the Peak will be one of the easier tasks when it comes to operating your new unit. Just load up your vape using any dabber of your choice, and make sure your Peak is fully charged to ensure a smooth experience. To quickly break it down, first fill the glass base with a little water and then turn on your unit. Enter the desired heat setting and wait for it to quickly heat up. With your favorite wax concentrate nearby, load up your material and then vape away!

Using a vaporizer has never been easier! The Peak is designed to be highly efficient and incredibly easy to use. All Puffco products are intended to be user friendly and incorporate the latest in vaping technology, making the Peak much easier to use than other models on the market. When you are done vaping your material, simply turn off the unit, make sure everything is cooled down, and then proceed to remove the glass base and empty the water. Rinse out the glass base, as this will keep your unit clean in the long run and prevent any buildup.

Puffco Peak Vaping Tips

Puffco Peak Vaping Tips

Always make sure to keep your Peak clean to maintain its integrity in the long run. This will make it last longer and work much better. After sessions you can use a cloth to remove soft build up. You can also use alcohol or vinegar on some of the components in conjunction with the cloth for a deep clean. How often you should do a light cleaning will depend on how often you vape. Always simply use high-quality wax concentrates in your Peak, as your session will only be as good as the materials you often use! The higher quality concentrates you use, the more flavorful & potent the vapor will be.

Always remember to store your Peak away from heat and direct sunlight when not in use to prevent premature wear & tear. Conversely, if you live in a colder climate, you want to also avoid storing your unit in freezing temperatures and then inadvertently turn the unit on, since doing so could actually break the unit due to such polarizing temperatures. Better to be safe than sorry and just slightly warm up your unit by placing it next to a low heat source to acclimate it into a normal room temperature before use.

Maintaining the Puffco Peak

Maintaining the Puffco Peak

Being as how user friendly the unit is, maintaining a Peak is quite easy actually. Chargers and glass stands comprise the accessory list to further enhance your Peak experience, though the most important thing you could possibly do to maintain your vape is to actually clean it periodically. This is easily accomplished by simply getting familiar with your Peak and ensuring you clean the parts that are dirty with some rubbing alcohol and a few q-tips. Maintaining your Peak is a rather easy & simple process, utilizing common sense and the proper care for your investment, your Peak vaporizer should undoubtedly last you a very long time.

Along with all the fabulous attachments you can add to your Peak for example, Puffco also provides several accessories to enhance and support the integrity of your device. A beneficial consideration, items like a tethered carb cap are ideal to attach directly to your Peak unit. From atomizers to colored glass and holders, the accessories made for the Peak ensure your device will remain in a smooth-running condition for years to come. Simple maintenance of your Peak like wiping down after every session and rinsing out the glass base will ensure that your Peak remains in tip top shape!

Puffco Peak vs Other Vaporizers

Puffco Peak vs Other Vaporizers

Puffco has focused their efforts into creating an effective & original design in their Peak model, as well as designing one of the world’s best wax vaporizers. No other brand comes close to creating the ingenuity in design that Puffco has been known for. Other brands in the industry claim to be a jack-of-all-trades, while Puffco remains the master of one, which is creating the best desktop and portable vaporizer on the market. The Peak not only has one of the most original & unique construction designs of any other vaporizer on the market, but the Peak is also a truly practical fully functional unit that makes dabbing easier and more enjoyable.

The fact that you can dab without a torch and utilize some of the most cutting-edge technology in every vape session makes owning a Peak truly remarkable. Other vapes fail to leave the lasting impression that the Peak does, and there is a sense of just looking forward to every session without the hassles that accompany other models in the industry. The makers of the Peak are reliable and provide a truly worthwhile service. Come see why Puffco has been known to be one of the best in the world!

Is the Puffco Peak Right for Me?

The truth is that all the vapes offered by Puffco are made exceptionally well and will function reliably without disappointment! For all your wax concentrates you may want the Peak, while oils are to be used with the Plus which is another great model offered by Puffco. Either one will be the best for your particular material to be vaped, though the Peak will become your greatest investment for all your wax sessions. The next Puffco device you choose will undoubtedly be your next go to vape, but the Peak will always be the favorite! It all really just boils down to a matter of personal preference here. Aside from your favored method of vaping, considering your total budget will surely come into play when choosing the right vape!

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