Should You Vape Indoors

One of the definite perks of vaping is the discretion it allows. Vapers are able to vape their favorite herb or concentrate while still appearing as just any typical e-cigarette vaper. Due to this, where and when you can vape offers a much broader option than for those who are smoking out of a silicone pipe or a glass bong. However, some people are not comfortable vaping in public and prefer the luxury of vaping in their own home; which stems the question - should you vape indoors?

by: Chelsea O. | 09/09/20 1:30PM


Do Vaping and Smoking Cause the Same Smell?

It is important to remember; vaping is not the same as smoking. While they often fall into the same category with non-users, vaping does not pollute the air. Nor is it “bad” to vape indoors. The only thing you really need to consider when it comes to vaping indoors is whether or not the smell it produces will be an issue for you. Unlike smoking, which produces a very pungent odor, vaping smells are less obnoxious and vastly different from those who smoke.

The strength and scent of the odor produced from vaping are dependent on multiple factors - the vaporizer you use, the amount you use a box mod vape or other vapes, the form of concentrate or herb you use, and the specific strain of concentrate. The good news is vaping herb and concentrates is far less detectable than those who smoke dry herbs with a dry herb vaporizer. By simply partaking in a well-ventilated room (whether with the use of a fan or an open window) and using candles or air fresheners, you can easily indulge in vaping while also remaining discreet from anyone who visits your home.

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Can You Vape Inside Other Buildings?

While your own home is more a question of whether you want to or not, vaping inside buildings or other premises are subject to the government and state legality of the substance and the owner of the establishment. For example, in a state where vaping is legal anywhere, a business still has the decision on whether they will (or will not) permit vaping in their establishment. In fact, while legal in many states, restaurants, pubs, offices, airports, and other businesses bundle vaping alongside smoking tobacco and can ban users from using them inside of their businesses. Therefore, the only way to know for sure on whether or not you can vape inside the premise of a business or location is to ask.


What are the rules for smoking inside?

Indoor Vaping Etiquette Tips

As vaping becomes more and more popular, many vapers are partaking both indoors and outdoors. Whether or not you partake indoors is mainly up to you (or the owner of the location you are at). Nonetheless, whenever you vape you should always be polite to those around you. To help maintain respect for those around you, keep these helpful indoor vaping etiquette tips in mind:

Whenever you have any doubt about if you can or cannot vape inside of a location, go outside.

-Be respectful to those around you. Just because you like to partake does not mean others nearby like it. Since vapor does have a specific smell, many people who do not partake may object to those vaping too close to their location.

Never vape around children, That also goes for wax pens. blow the vapor into someone else's face, or vape in an enclosed area with non-vapers.

Always ask permission prior to vaping if you are unaware if vaping is allowed at a location.

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