Silicone Steamroller Pipe Review

Steamroller pipes are one of the most direct and massive smoke-producing methods you can employ to get awesome sized smoke clouds. Steamrollers have been around for a very long time and are usually made of either glass or plastic. Today’s standards have turned to materials that are durable, efficient, and affordable. Meet silicone and its many practical uses for the smoking industry. In this product review we will be going over one of our most popular steamrollers and why you would want to own one.

by: Anthony E. | 08/22/22 1:30PM


What is a Steamroller?

Steamrollers are one the biggest producers of smoke. Utilizing a direct method, both literally and figuratively, the steamroller delivers a large hit that is released upon removing your hand from the end of the pipe, acting as an oversized carburetor. One large hit is usually all it takes for someone to feel satisfied in a smoke session with a steamroller. A cylindrical tube that houses a bowl on the top is all that comprises the design of a steamroller. Most of them have been made from either glass or plastic, the latter being the least popular for obvious reasons.

Glass has been the gold standard for most smoking devices in the past due to its artistic and functional qualities of being inert and somewhat easy to clean. Because high-quality glass is not porous, it is easier to clean than plastic and lasts much longer. The downside with glass is that it is also the most fragile, lending way to cracks and shatters upon impact with a hard surface. Because they are usually expensive as well, this is the biggest con to owning any glass piece.


Benefits of Having a Silicone Steamroller

The qualities of silicone cannot be understated. For one, silicone is virtually indestructible and will not chip, crack, break, or shatter on you through extended usage or through a hard fall on the ground. It bounces back with a durable fortitude that can last you a lifetime, provided it is properly maintained. Silicone also acts as a potent heat buffer that will not travel throughout the piece but will dampen its effects considerably. In fact, silicone is used directly around the glass bowl in some instances where one can pick it right up after using it.

Silicone is such a prime choice for any smoking connoisseur as it will soon become the gold standard at a price point that is affordable to all. Because the design of a steamroller is usually one that is large and hollow, cleaning will be at a minimal. Simply wiping it down after usage will ensure that your silicone steamroller will last you a lifetime. Unlike bongs and bubblers that can cake on residue, steamrollers are infinitely easier to clean. A simple washcloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol can go a long way in keeping your piece clean and free of residual debris over time.

How to Use a Steamroller

The Silicone Steamroller is very easy to use when compared to other smoking devices. The bowl will be made of glass and is not encapsulated with silicone, nor does it need to be. Simply start by grinding up some high-quality dry herb material and use a glass screen in the bowl. Fill up the bowl and lightly pack it down without pressing too hard. Remember, the steamroller is very hardy and durable but is also capable of folding over with enough pressure.

Use a lighter, not a torch, to light up your bowl and cover the end of the steamroller with your hand. The other end should be placed firmly around your lips creating an airtight seal. Remember to have the bowl on the farthest end away from your face. Take in a deep breath and release your hand halfway through the hit to clear out the chamber. You will have one of the biggest tokes you have ever taken from a smoking device!


Pros and Cons

One of the biggest perks to owning a Silicone Steamroller is that you will not have to worry about it tipping over! This is because the Silicone Steamroller has two small pegs on the bottom that prevent it from rolling off tables and other flat surfaces. The insurance policy in all this is that you have a steamroller that is virtually indestructible but having one that is stable is also a nice feature to have. The price point for a Silicone Steamroller is also very affordable.

The most obvious con here would be that the glass bowl is not encapsulated, making it very prone to breakage from a fall. This is where the pegs on the bottom of the steamroller come into play. The fact that you cannot see the smoke throughout the piece is also something to consider, though it should not be grounds for a dealbreaker considering its perks. The steamroller itself measures 8.25 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, making it suitable for everyday use.

Final Thoughts

Steamrollers are one of the classic smoking methods that everyone should try at least once. While not everyone is up to the task of taking in massive hits with every smoke session, everyone should own at least one steamroller at home. The Silicone Steamroller is ideal for this purpose given its affordability and durable nature. Cleaning it is at a minimum to ensure long-term usage and will come with the caveat of maintaining the integrity of the bowl. This is preferable over having the entire piece made of glass which can be prone to breakage.

If you happen to break a steamroller made of glass, it’s game over, not to mention the hit your wallet will take in the process, as glass pieces are notoriously expensive. Even though the bowl of the steamroller is made of glass, you can still ensure the safety of it by allowing the steamroller to do its thing by placing it firmly on its pegs. If you were to have it lying around and it inadvertently started to roll, it would ideally stop once it reaches the pegs, further owing to its practicality.

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