Vape Industry Entrepreneurs and Jobs

The vaporizer industry has spawned a world of entrepreneurs and new businesses, which means more jobs for everyone.  Read this great post with the list of the booming job opportunities within the vape world.

by: Nathaniel C. | 01/28/19 2:30PM


With any new rapidly growing industry comes the flood of entrepreneurs. The vape industry is no different. So where did it all begin?

The modern vaporizer was created by Bill Amato in Amsterdam in the early 90s. This was the first real dry herb vaporizer and was a bulky, desktop unit that differed greatly from what is popular today. The next big milestone in vaporizer entrepreneurship came with the patent of e-cigarettes by Chinese inventor Hon Lik in 2003. Since then, this technology has been modified to create vaporizers that are designed for vaping all types of materials: including e-juice, oils, waxes, various herbal concentrates and dry herbs. From dry herb vaporizers to box mod vape designed for various substances, you’d be hard-pressed to find a smoker’s home without any vape. With the health benefits of vaping, many people opposed to smoking can enjoy their favorite herbs and herbal concentrates without damaging their lungs, expanding the market even further.


With this boom in market size, come the entrepreneurs. From vape creators to social media influencers, we take a look at the hot markets available to these vape-preneurs everywhere.


The Vape Creators

The core of any market are the products. These are the inventors and companies who come up with new ideas and push the industry forward, starting with Bill Amato, who is given credit for the invention of the modern vaporizer. His ideas revolutionized the way dry herbs could be consumed. Following Amato, Hon Lik’s invention of the e-cigarette gave birth to the technology in all the vape pens and portable vaporizers popular today. Many inventors and companies modified Lik’s concept to design portable vaporizers for all types of products, from wax pens to portable dry herb vaporizers.

Today, stiff competition between companies like DaVinci and Firefly is rapidly pushing the portable dry herb vaporizer market forward. By integrating the newest technology in ovens and smartphone apps, these companies aim to deliver the ultimate vaporizing experience in the palm of your hand. In the world of wax pens or portable dab rigs, Yocan Vaporizers is leading the pack in bringing the dab culture to portable, handheld vaporizers. With wax vapes like the Yocan Pandon and Yocan Evolve Plus XL, they have designed compact and discreet vaporizers capable of delivering dab rig rips with the convenience of a vape pen. This is a fairly new market which is enticing for wax pen inventors and entrepreneurs. We are sure to see this technology continue to advance as more vape creators try to get a piece of this lucrative industry.

Of course, there are other types of vaporizers, like box mods and oil pens (think SteamCloud Vapes) that are following the same advancements in technology with the growing vaporizer market. Finally, vape companies that previously focused on only one type of material are adapting their current models to be used with other substances. With the swift advancement in vaporizer technology over the last decade, we are excited to see what new ideas will come from these vape-preneurs over the next one.


E Juice Creators

E juice or e liquid are mostly made up of either vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG), both of which are non-toxic. The remaining 5% or so is composed of a combination of flavoring and nicotine; however, not all e liquids contain nicotine. Large e juice companies, such as Ruthless Vapors and Milkman are constantly designing new flavors for the e juice connoisseur. Following the boom of craft beer across the world, countless craft e-juice brands are also trying to get a piece of the pie. With the simple formula of VG, PG, nicotine and flavorings, almost anyone can design their own e juice flavor. This brings a flood of e juice entrepreneurs attempting to create unique, new flavors. The rapid expansion of the vaporizing culture means the sky is the limit for these hopeful entrepreneurs.


Brick and Mortar Vape Shops

Our next category includes your local vape shop. Again, with the growing popularity of vaping, vape shops are popping up on every corner to meet the demand. While online shops have put brick and mortar shops out-of-business in many markets, vape shops will always have business due to the nature of the product. While many consumers may purchase a vaporizer online, most purchase e juice refills locally and will continue to do so, simply because it is convenient and they receive that instant gratification. We don’t see brick and mortar vape shops going away anytime soon.



Online Vape Shops

In today’s world, there’s an online shop for just about everything. While Amazon has taken over many industries, most people still want some professional advice when picking out a vaporizer. Of course, you can get an opinion from the local vape shop guy, but many customers prefer to come to websites like because of the extensive database of information available in our learning center and on the products pages themselves. Most online vape shops have some sort of learning center, filled with helpful information that can assist customers in finding the perfect vape for their needs. It can be overwhelming going into a shop and trying to sort through the pros and cons of different vapes. However, online shopping gives you the time you need to do the proper research before choosing the right vape. That is why this is the preferred shopping method for most buyers. Many entrepreneurs are starting up online vape shops to meet the demand of these customers.


Social Media Influencers

As with most products today, there are countless social media influencers reviewing or just promoting vape products across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Some of these influencers are genuine, have solid vape knowledge and will share an honest opinion about a product. However, you have to remember that most influencers get paid and receive free products for a review or promotion. Due to this, there are tons of less credible influencers promoting a product just for a quick buck. Just like with any influencer, the ones to trust are those with a large following and a knowledge in the industry. For example, Instagrammers like kyleevapes, that focus on vaporizers and e juice, have a knowledge of the industry. On the other hand, some Insta-model that promotes all types of products from swimsuits to protein powder probably does not have the most trustworthy opinion on that new vape she is promoting.


YouTube Influencers

Although these are also considered social media influencers, we created a separate category for YouTube influencers as they are the most helpful to customers looking for an honest opinion on a vape product. Some of the most popular vape YouTubers, like Ruffhouse Studios or Loaded Up, give their honest opinion on the newest vapes and vape accessories. Many people prefer watching a short video on YouTube over doing their own research online or reading articles. The great thing about the plethora of information available online today is that there are a variety of ways to receive the same information. A large following on YouTube can be a profitable side-hustle and this brings a heap of entrepreneurs looking to make it big as a YouTuber.


Content Creators

Just like yours truly, there are many writers and content creators that aim to give customers the best information about vaporizers and other vape products through the written word. There are some purely review websites that focus on reviewing and comparing the newest vaporizers. Many of these review websites are sent free products and may even be paid for sponsored posts. These reviews can be biased as sponsored posts are essentially advertisements posing as honest review articles. To get the most honest opinion on a vaporizer or related product, either go to a trusted website known for their honest reviews, or even better, take a look at a variety of reviews. At NYVapeShop, we aim to give an honest opinion whenever reviewing or comparing vapes.


With any growing industry, there comes a flood of entrepreneurs looking to get in on the action. In the world of vaping, these entrepreneurs start with the vape creators themselves. They are responsible for the invention of new products and these vape-preneurs continue to push the industry forward. Then, there are the e juice and e liquid creators responsible for creating new, unique flavors of e juice. Additionally, there are retail entrepreneurs selling vape products in brick and mortar stores across the world and online vape shops carrying large inventories of vapes and vape accessories. Finally, there are social media influencers and content creators that aim to give their opinions on these products, some helping customers find the right vape and others just making awesome Instagram vape videos. As vaping becomes more and more popular, the number of vape entrepreneurs grows. All of these entrepreneurs push the industry forward and we are excited to see what comes next!

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