Wax Liquidizer - Turning Wax into E-Juice or Oils

You can now turn Wax Concentrates into your own custom Vape Oil or E-Juice. With a Wax Liquidizer, you can make oils and choose the strength, flavor and more. Learn all about it here.

by: Joe C. | 04/01/19 1:30PM


When there is another way to do something, having that is valuable information. This is especially true for anyone already struggling with trying to accomplish some sort of task without the knowledge that there is another way. In this blog post, we speak to those who enjoy using various wax concentrates. Now there is another way to enjoy them, and you can finally turn concentrates into e-juice for convenient vaping on the go.

The traditional way to enjoy wax concentrates involves specialized wax vape pens, which can be inconvenient when things leak and get sticky. You instead opt for pre-filled vape cartridges are available and extremely convenient. Because of this, they are the top choice for many people. But they do have some limits to what is available, and you do not always know what you are getting. Fortunately there are now products that let you turn your wax concentrates to e-juice to your liking.



How To Turn Concentrates To Ejuice

Before covering the many benefits this method delivers, why not start with the most important information. Curious about how you actually turn concentrates into e-juice and use them in regular oil vapes? It’s easier than you think.

To accomplish this task, you must include a product that transforms the consistency of your wax. Waxes are simply too thick and viscous to work in an oil vape. They require specialized wax pens that are generally more complicated than a simply vape battery and oil cartridge.

While Wax Liquidizer is not the only product on the market that changes a wax concentrate’s consistency, it is one that will work well. It is also very economical in the long run so we will use it as an example here.

Creating your own e-juice is simple and fast. The mixing ratio is 2:1, liquidizer to concentrates or until its a thick oil. This is a starting formula that the manufacturer recommends. If you find you prefer a stronger juice or you want thicker juices, you can adjust this ratio. For instance, some Wax Liquidizer users report that they vape a 1:1 ratio.

Likewise, you can thin your e-juice down to your liking if that is your style. To do this, you would mix at a 2.5:1 or 3:1 ratio.  You only need to add one more element to effectively create your new e-juice solution. You will have to gently heat your mix. This helps combine the liquidizer and concentrate.


Using Heat for Turning Wax Concentrates into E-juice

There are two recommended heating methods. The first is a quick trip in the microwave. By placing both the concentrates and liquidizer into a microwave safe container and heating it for up to 10 seconds, you easily fuse the two.

The actual time in the microwave depends on which microwave model you are dealing with, so it always makes sense to experiment with a few seconds, stop and stir, and heat again if necessary.

If you prefer to keep your concentrates out of the microwave, you can try the ‘double boiler method’. This can be done either on the stovetop or countertop in two similar ways.

To deploy the stovetop method, place your liquidizer and concentrate into a heatproof container. Next, place that container into a larger saucepan. Fill the saucepan with water until it rises approximately halfway up your inner, heatproof container. Now, turn on the stove and heat the mix low and slow until it combines. Remember to stir frequently so you get your mix with minimal heat.

You can accomplish the same results by skipping the stove and heating your water in an electric kettle if that is more convenient. You can then add boiling water to the reservoir between your heatproof container and your saucepan. Any of these methods create a smooth, stable e-juice mix that is ready for any typical vape or box mod vape.


The Benefits of turning Wax Concentrates into E-juice

Benefit #1: Cost

Now that you understand how to use Wax Liquidizer, you can appreciate some of the benefits. The first and most dramatic benefit is how much more affordable making your own e-juice is. This is compared to buying pre-filled vape cartridges directly from sellers.

An average pre-filled vape cartridge can cost around $40. These cartridges contain .5 ml of infused vape juice or oil. Professionally made and inspected but not much different than the mix you can make in your home with a product like Wax Liquidizer.

A gram of similar product in wax concentrate form will also cost around $40, however, it can turn into as much as 3 ml of infused e-juice. That is six times the amount inside a pre-filled cartridge, a staggering figure.

Of course, you also have to consider the price of the wax liquidizer you are using, but with a little quick math you may find that it is well worth it. If you purchase the smallest bottle available at 15 ml, you get about 7.5 uses, and it costs about $19.99.  That works out to $2.66 per batch.If you purchase larger bottles your cost per use is even less.

Benefit #2: Control

Making your own juice also has the added benefit of total control. You choose the flavor which can be flavorless if you choose so. Granted you can choose the flavor with pre-filled cartridges, but you can’t choose how much and pre-filled flavor choices are not always available.

Furthermore, you control how much or how little of the liquidizer you add. This means you can make the flavor more or less pronounced, to your taste. The more flavoring in the mix, the more discreet it is when you’re using it. This is true because the vapor contains the smell of the flavor you use which masks any unwanted odors from your concentrate.You can even mix flavors to create e-juice flavor cocktails.

That same flavor strength control applies to the potency of your mix. You can create a very dilute e-juice or one that is very strong, it is entirely up to you.

Another customization control creating your own juice gives you is sourcing your concentrate. If you have a favorite concentrate not available anywhere else or in any other form, you can now make your e-juice with that. Buying Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges does not give this level of choice. All this control gives you the power to have a great vaping session.

Benefit #3: Discretion

Although discretion came into play when considering the amount of flavor in your mix, there is even more to think about here. If you use a specialty vape created for concentrates, it tends to stand out when you are sitting there trying to pack some sticky substance. This can be a bit of a hassle. Of course you can pack the wax coil with extra, but too much and you will get leakage and a sticky mess all over the wax pen.

By making your own e-juice, you avoid any of the wax vaping downsides.  With a newly concocted wax concentrate e-juice, you will not be noticed, you will just look like any other ‘regular’ vaper.

Benefit #4: Safety

Wax Liquidizer is made in the US and based in Colorado so they are subject to following the various FDA regulations and safety laws when it comes to vape juice. No matter which company you decide to go with, when dealing with something like this, we recommend dealing with a US based company. To give you insight as to what makes up your custom e-juice, and e-juice in general, we have provided the following details:

Wax Liquidizer is a proprietary blend of ingredients including Lab/Medical Grade Propylene glycol or PG. This PG based proprietary blend includes several levels of PG some of which include PG, PEG200, and PEG400. The FDA recognizes PG as being safe and it is used in many foods, medical products like inhalers and even baby products. PG is classified by the FDA as GRAS – Generally Regarded As Safe

Most vape oils or juice contain PG. Most are varying blends of PG and VG (vegetable glycol). PG is thinner than VG. PG is odorless and tasteless. It has a greater stabilizing ability than VG, this makes it a perfect ingredient for any wax liquidizer product.

Not all companies are as transparent about what is in their product, so always make sure to do your research before using something. Another reason some report to like using a wax liquidizer is because they are cutting down on smoking, and although it is argued, some reports suggest that vaping is safer than smoking. Not to mention the burns you can avoid from dealing with domeless nails and wax.

Benefit #5: Convenience

Ultimately there is an overall convenience you get after turning wax concentrates into vape juice or oil. It usually results in fewer trips to the store as you can turn 1 gram into several vape cartridges.  In addition, no more leaking, sticky wax coils, or awkward wax packing.  Just get the cartridges made, and from there it is a simple oil vaping session.

Benefit #6: Waste Reduction

Finally, consider how using a refillable vape tank is better for the environment. There is no packaging to throw away with every pre-filled vape cartridge that is used. Conversely, filling a reusable tank cuts down on the garbage pre-filled vape cartridges create.


Convinced You Should turn Concentrates to E-juice?

Maybe all of these points mentioned have convinced you to give this a try. It is hard to argue with the numerous benefits. If you are ready to order, you can do so online with discreet shipping to your door, or look for a Wax Liquidizer at your nearest vape shop, dispensary or smoke shop. If you’ve used any wax liquidizer, share your experience in the comments so other readers know what to expect. Has it made your vaping more enjoyable or beneficial?

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