What Type of Pipe Would I Use to Smoke Dab?

Smoking pipes are one of the most common tools used to imbibe the use of smokable materials. They have been used for a millennium and are some of the oldest methods of smoking to date. Since then, smoking has seen many strides in the form of concentrates. Here we will be taking a closer look at what types of pipes you can use for your dabs.

by: Anthony E. | 01/19/22 2:30PM


Types of Smoking Pipes

Unlike smoking materials that get incinerated with a traditional lighter, wax dabs are cannabis concentrates that require a little more juice to get the full melt effect. For this reason, one would not consider using a pipe made from wood, corncob, stone, and even certain metals. This is because dabs require more heat and dabbing on a short pipe is a recipe for how to get properly burned.

Bubblers offer something to cool down a hit, while elongated pipes like a Sherlock are extended far enough to not heat up your lips or burn your face. Short pipes made of glass may seem like a convenient way to dab from a pipe, though because they are short, they can fall victim to the same pitfalls as a short metal pipe with excessive heat.

In fact, it may be even more of a hazard to dab from a glass piece since the heat can get hot enough to potentially crack or even explode your glass piece. Dabs require much more heat than what a lighter can produce, and for much longer periods of time. This is what makes glass pieces less than ideal when it comes to smoking a dab.


Metal Pipes

While metal can get rather hot, there are ways around this to be able to successfully get a decent dab hit. Metal is not as popular as glass, and so you will not find many users carrying around a metal pipe these days. Nonetheless, if you happen to come across a metal piece for a dab, and the pipe is predictably short, you will want something to protect your hands and lips.

Since metal pipes seldom have any way to cool down the smoke, you will want to make sure you are wearing a glove or are at least able to pinch the pipe with something to make a barrier between your fingers and the pipe. Next you will want to add some sort of protective cover, such as silicone, to the mouthpiece to absorb the heat when taking a dab hit.

While using metal is a less than ideal way to dab, it is the most efficient in terms of being able to utilize your concentrates. It should be noted that metal can also be heated to a point where it can leave an unpleasant aftertaste that is predictably metallic. This is an option, though it is not the best one.

Glass Pipes

Tempered glass is what is made for traditional dab rigs to withstand the temperatures associated with intense dab hits. The problem is that this type of glass is seldom used to make simple spoons and bubblers. Double-blown glass piece may be used, though it comes with the risk of having your piece shatter.

One of the best methods to use a Sherlock, bubbler, or spoon is to layer your dab in between some dry herb. This will create a vapor and smoke combination that will be quite intense, though efficient enough to achieve the desired result. The problem with this method is that you must use dry herbs to prevent the concentrate from melting into your piece.

Remember that you will not be able to torch your concentrates the same way you can in a dab rig, and so you run the risk of having your material run straight through your pipe. Therefore using dry herbs to soak up and prevent this leakage is advised. It goes without saying that using anything other than glass or metal is inviting danger into the session.


Other Types of Pipes for Dab Hits

Using wood will not work since the wood could easily burn. Stone pipes are a no go because the heat may crack the pipe and will burn you in the process. Silicone pipes are a popular option, but using a chillum is too direct to risk having your material seep straight into your mouth! The only reliable and less risky way to take a dab in a pipe is to use the methods mentioned above.

Bubblers can be ideal since water can help cool down a hit, though because the heat required to properly dab is extremely high, the water will inevitably heat up as well. Water pipes or bongs are perhaps the most ideal method of utilizing a dab hit without using a dab rig. The combination of having a piece that uses water, is far from your face, and will not burn your hands or mouth is the only way to really enjoy a dab hit through a pipe.

The catch here is that bongs are not traditionally considered pipes per se, though they are technically pipes, just much larger and have a chamber for water, much like its miniature counterpart, the bubbler. When trying to dab using a pipe, always make sure you have a torch lighter and not a regular one.

Final Thoughts

Dab rigs are awesome, though they can be a bit pricey. Therefore, people turn to smoking pipes for their dab hits on occasion. No matter what method or pipe that you use to take a dab hit, always make sure that the pipe in question is not made from any weak or easily breakable materials. Always protect your face and hands when using a short pipe, and always layer your dab to get the best possible hit.

Dab hits are strong and produce incredibly thick clouds of vapor. Do not expect to get the same results you would from a dab rig with a bong or pipe. Despite using a torch lighter, you will likely not be able to achieve the same results.

No matter what you end up choosing, just make sure you are safe and stay far away from materials that will melt in your hand. Aside from producing fat clouds, you will at least get a decent hit that you cannot get from a regular pipe when using a dab in a smoking pipe.

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