What is a quartz Dab Nail

Quartz Dab Nail

Arguably the most important component to a dab rig set up is the dab nail, and a quartz dab nail is simply a dab nail made from quartz! Quartz dab nails are one of the most popular kinds of dab nail you will find and are able to appeal to both veterans and beginners alike.

The ease of use and low cost of a quartz dab nail will be very appealing to all kinds of dabbers. It is fairly easy to tell when the quartz dab nail is heated and, unlike some other materials, the quartz dab nail comes in the largest variety of different designs. 

However, quartz nails are relatively fragile, so a low cost of replacement is very attractive. They are also a good option if you are trying to build multiple dab rigs or are wanting to try a couple of different dab nail designs without breaking the bank.

More than most kinds of dab nails, quartz dab nails offer all kinds of different designs and options for your dab rig. Fortunately for you, we will go in-depth about the different kinds of options and how they stack up against other kinds of dab nails right here!

Quartz Dab Nail Types

As we have mentioned, quartz dab nails come in all kinds of different designs. You will find them as male and female attachments, which is determined based on the kind of dab rig and dab rig stem size. Of course, universal quartz dab nails are available if you are unsure of which gender of dab nail your dab rig takes. 

In addition to the kinds of connections, quartz dab nails have some unique designs as well. You will very commonly find quartz banger nails (sometimes called buckets). These nails still perform the same function as a dab nail, but the bucket where the concentrate is applied is positioned arched away from the base of the dab nail. This allows for easier application of wax or oils, reducing the risk of getting burnt. It also allows for lower-temperature dabbing, which helps the vapor not be so harsh and lets the flavor of the concentrate shine through more.

The banger or bucket size can vary. Standard bucket sizes are generally referred to as bangers. Designs that have much smaller buckets are referred to as birdhouse or sidecar designs. These models dissipate heat quickly, making them even more ideal for low-heat dabbing

There are a lot of design options! Take your time shopping and making sure you get exactly the quartz dab nail you need!

Ceramic Dab Nail vs Quartz

Ceramic dab nails are going to provide a different kind of flavor as well as present dabbers with a higher degree of difficulty during use. Experienced dabbers will often swear by ceramic dab nails because of the crisp, clean flavor they are known to produce. The biggest different users will notice, however, is the heating process between these two materials.

Ceramic dab nails will take longer to heat and will also retain heat for a longer period of time. It is also difficult to tell when ceramic dab nails are at temperature because, unlike titanium or quartz nails, they do not present any indication of being hot like glowing red. Quartz dab nails heat more quickly and clearly show when they are fully heated. However, especially with banger, birdhouse, or sidecar designs, they lose heat much more quickly, requiring frequent reheats with a torch. 

Both ceramic and quartz are wonderful choices for dab nails but provide very different experiences. Pick which sounds best to you! 


Titanium Dab Nails vs Quartz

Titanium dab nails also offer a unique experience from quartz. They tend to retain heat longer than quartz dab nails and offer a different tasting experience. Experienced dabbers will often talk about seasoning titanium nails to help improve the overall flavor. This is something that typically is not done with quartz nails. 

Another difference between titanium and quartz is durability and cost. Titanium dab nails are made from a titanium composite, making them extremely durable, far more so than quartz. However, because titanium is the main component, they are usually far more expensive than most quartz dab nails. You also will not find banger or birdhouse styled titanium dab nails.

Again, two very different options offering unique, but awesome, dabbing experiences!

E Nail Dab Nail vs Quartz

The difference here is less about the material of the nail (quartz) and more about how a traditional domeless quartz nail is heated than a quartz enail. Traditionally, quartz dab nails are heated with a torch, allowed to cool, and then have wax or oil applied. Since quartz dissipates heat quickly, reheating with a torch will be necessary.

A quartz e nail, on the other hand, is not heated with an external flame. Instead, they are heated through a battery and the power it provides, which means there is no open flame present. In addition, the heat of the quartz is held steady, so no reheating is required. If you love the design of quartz bangers but hate the idea of having to continually using a torch, then an e-nail might be right up your alley!


What is the Best Quartz Dab Nail?

There is no one best quartz dab nail. There are several different designs and functions to consider that, though they are indeed very different, are not inherently superior to one another. Instead, you need to take a look at what you want out of your dab rig and then find which quartz nail fits your needs best.

For example, do you like the idea of only needing to use a tiny amount of wax or oil at a time? A birdhouse or sidecar design will fit you better than a banger or traditional domeless nail. Do you love using a torch to heat your dab nail? Then an e nail is not going to fit your needs very well. 

Take the time to inventory what you like, dislike, and need out of a quartz dab nail, and then shop around and pick the one that fits you best! Of course, it is possible to be overwhelmed with choices, so if you have a hard time choosing, reach out to our customer service! We will be happy to help narrow down choices for you based on your needs and wants.

How to Use a Quartz Dab Nail

Using a quartz dab nail is not difficult, even for first-time users. First, using a torch, apply heat to the quartz dab nail until red hot. If you are using a banger nail, apply heat directly to the bucket.

Once the nail is at the appropriate temperature, let it rest for about 10 seconds before applying wax. Remember, quartz dab nails dissipate heat quickly, so do not wait around very long. If using a banger, just apply your wax to the bottom of the bucket.

As you apply the concentrate of your choice, simply inhale. Since quartz cools quickly, you may notice wax that did not get entirely used. Simply apply heat again until the concentrate has been consumed to your satisfaction.

Using an e nail? This process just got a lot simpler. Simply turn the quartz e nail on and set the temperature to your desired setting. Once the quartz e nail has reached that temperature, apply your wax and inhale! If you are trying to get a perfect low-heat dab, e nails are perfect for that process.

How to Clean your Quartz Dab Nail

Cleaning a quartz dab nail is easy. All you do is apply heat! The high heat from the torch will burn away any leftover residue left during the dabbing session. This process remains easy as long as you heat-clean after every dab session. If you do not, residue can build making the heat cleaning method more difficult.

If this is the case, then you can use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to slowly rub and dissolve any unwanted caked up residue. If you want to recycle residue (which is sometimes called reclaim), simply chip off any orange or brown bits that are present on the dab nail. Reclaim can be eaten, smoked, or dabbed again! Of course, the taste will not quite be the same, so many dabbers skip this step. It depends on how efficient with your wax you want to be!

Where can I buy Quartz Dab Nails?

It really is not hard to find a quartz dab nail. Headshops, vape shops, and dedicated CBD retailers are all places where quartz dab nails can be found. Online retailers are also another option, as you will often find a larger variety of choices.

You can also find quartz dab nails right here on nyvapeshop.com! We offer a quality guarantee on any product sold. If you have any questions or are having trouble finding a specific quartz dab nail you want, let us know! We will help you track it down, or we may even begin carrying it!  Have fun shopping!