What Type of Vaporizer Should I Buy

The popularity of vaping has reached new heights with vast improvements in vaping technology. Nowadays it is quite common to find vapes that are thoroughly complex as they integrate with our smartphones to bring us remote temperature control and session recordings. Here we will be looking at different types of vaping modalities. This will help narrow down the options depending on your personal preferences. We will cover these vapes and how one can determine which one to get.

by: Anthony E. | 07/06/20 1:30PM


Different Types of Vaporizers

There are many different types of vaping modalities to choose from out there. Whether you enjoy dry herb vaporizers, e-juice, wax pens, or oil concentrates, there is a vaporizer that can specialize in one, or even all of them.

On top of that, there is also the option of having either a desktop vaporizer or a portable vape pen. Depending on your preferences, you might want to start out with a simple vape pen and work your way up, especially if you come from a smoking background.

Desktop vapes are also very popular due to their powerful capabilities in a vape session. These are capable of holding much more material and some can even blow out hot air and vaporize wax. Portable vape pens with vape tanks on the other hand are very stealthy and versatile. Some can vape any type of material with the switch of an atomizer.

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What Is the Best Type of Vaporizer?

The truth is that the best type of vaporizer will ultimately be a very personal choice. The answer is very subjective, as many have different tastes and needs when it comes to vaporization.

When choosing a high-quality vaporizer from a reputable head shop, always make sure that the brand you choose is renowned and has replacement parts. You also want to make sure that they are backed by good reviews from people within the vaping community. Fortunately, there are many brands and models to choose from which makes the process of choosing a vape very fun.

Since many of them do the same thing, the end result will be decided by you when choosing any one particular brand. The best vape will be the one that you enjoy using the most. Make sure you choose something you plan to use long term, as this will greatly compliment your unique style.


Where Should I Get my Vaporizer?

While visiting your local head shop was once considered the best way to go about acquiring a new vaping or smoking device like box mod vapes, the truth is that in today’s world, that is not exactly the wisest or even the most convenient way to get one.

The truth is that you could technically shop in your pajamas, on a Sunday, close to midnight if you wanted to. This is possible with the internet and is the safest and most convenient way to shop. The best place to go would be where you could ideally get a variety of options with free shipping, and there is no other place better than right here at NY Vape Shop!

We have a large variety of smoking accessories and vapes for any type of enthusiast. We also offer lots of pipes and bongs, as well as dab rigs and desktop vapes. Anything you could think of we have! So, feel free to look around and take your time as we have a lot to choose from.

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