Are Bongs Better Than Pipes

When it comes to smoking, we all love a good Sherlock pipe, or maybe even just a nice color-changing spoon. The truth is that there is lots to choose from in the smoking world. While some pipes can even incorporate water, such as a bubbler, other pipes can cool down the smoke using an elongated tube. It is true that most of these pipes can be much cheaper than a standard bong, though this does not imply that they are also better. You often get what you pay for, and here we will be looking at the many wonderful creations that smoking technology has provided us over the years concerning the many different types of bongs out there. We will also be looking at how these devices are also better in terms of cooling and filtration.

by: Anthony E. | 09/22/20 1:30PM


What Are Bongs Made Out of?

The most common material that makes a bong will usually be in the form of glass along with glass pipes. This makes it the most versatile in terms of design as glass can make many different shapes and complex intricacies.

This also makes it harder to clean. An alternative option to this is the silicone bong which is virtually indestructible and very easy to clean. Other materials making bongs can be standard plastic, ceramic, even bamboo and metal!

When it comes down to choosing the right type of bong, you will want to consider how it will be to maintain the integrity of your bong in the long term. Material such as bamboo for example will not last very long. For this reason, we recommend either glass, silicone, or even metal and ceramic.

Glass bong and silicone bong

Do All Bongs Have Carburetors?

No! In fact, many do not use a hole for the design, rather some can be given one by simply lifting off the bowl. This will depend heavily on the type of bong and bowl you have.

Other bongs do not use carbs at all. While some feel that having one is necessary, the truth is that they only provide a stronger hit and can work to clear the device of smoke.

While this is usually preferred among many smoking pipe enthusiasts, if your bong does not have one, just know that it is not a defect. A beaker shaped bong is a perfect example of this. You can usually have a carb by simply using a bowl with a lift handle if you want to carb it.

What Is the Best Type of Bong?

If you're specifically looking to purchase gravity bongs online, the answer is simple. But if you're not, the answer is highly subjective and will depend on your preferences. The best bong is the one that is most compatible with your lifestyle. If you are constantly on the go and do not spend much time in isolated areas, then a large elaborate bong would probably not be what you are looking for.

Others who want a more minimalist design can opt for bongs such as the straight-tube bong. Round-based and multi-chambered bongs are best reserved for those who want to base their smoke sessions in private.

Keep in mind that depending on what your bongs are made out of, these can be very delicate devices that can break easily, so invest in your unit wisely! Bongs will usually incorporate water, making travel risky with leakage and smells.

Green and white glass bong


Other Types of Bongs

Bongs usually use water to filter the smoke and cool it down. Some even use ice-catchers along the tube above the water line to further cool down a hit. Many utilize percolators which break up the smoke in the water which creates more density and augments the cooling effect.

Other types, like gravity bongs, are much cruder in design often being homemade. There are however brands out there that do make these types of specialty bongs. Some even use the gravity bong technology to make what are called waterfall gravity bongs.

These essentially either connect two adjacent chambers that can be flipped over, or one unit that has a hole on the bottom where the water leaks out, sucking the smoke from the top.


Why Bongs Are Better

When comparing the filtration capabilities, even against a simple bubbler, there is no contest. A bong can hold more, filter more, and further cool down a hit by using ice catchers and percolators.

Though they might be significantly bigger in size, bongs are also better at providing the user with a more pronounced experience. Nothing can compare to that wonderful bubbling sound as you rip from a bong. Compared to pipes, any bong can be even easier to clean because the surface area is much larger, giving leverage that is not as meticulous as it would be with a small pipe.

No matter what you end up choosing, a bong will also last you much longer since they are not usually made for travel or on the go use. Less interaction with others means it will not likely encounter as many accidental scenarios. This is good since bongs can be a little more on the pricey side, though as stated before, you often get what you pay for!

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