Wax Pen Vaping Tips Everyone Should Know

Vaping wax is not always easy. Wax is sticky when handling, and it is not cheap, so it is important to handle it with care using the best practices. Every concentrate vaper should read this tips before handling and loading their wax pen.

by: Chelsea O. | 12/23/19 2:30PM


Vape pens are a common choice for those that enjoy wax concentrates. The device is easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and tend to be more discreet than other dabbing setups. Unfortunately, many beginning vape users tend to create problems for themselves because of their eagerness to begin without properly following vaporizer operating instructions, as well as the new properties of wax concentrates which most are not familiar with. Thankfully, you can prevent the destruction of your device, keep a non-sticky environment, and increase the longevity of your wax by utilizing these eight easy dab pen tips.



Leave the Wax Pen Upright after, especially after Vaping

One of the most common mistakes both beginner and experienced wax pen users make is laying the wax pen down when it is not in use, and even worse, right after a wax vaping session. This is a big no-no. Think of it like this. When the wax concentration is heated up, it becomes liquid-like. The liquid can seep into the smallest cracks and crannies. Therefore, if any wax is left inside of the coil or chamber when you are finished vaping, it can flow into other parts of the device causing blocked airways and sticky residue in various parts. Regrettably, not all wax pens are equal. Some can stand upright on their own fairly easy, while others may require a vape stand to be placed in the proper upright, standing position.

Do Not Over Pack the Wax Coil

Many beginning users are notorious for overpacking the wax concentrate into the device. It may seem easier to just pack what will fit into the dab pen coil, just like many other types of vape tank pens, but this causes more harm than good. While packing less may increase the number of times you have to load your device, it will reduce the amount of waste and clean up required. To understand this a little more, you need to consider how the wax concentrate works.

When using your wax pen, the wax inside of your vape pen reacts to the rapidly increasing heat by bubbling up a bit. With an overpacked pen, the wax concentrate can not only bubble up and flow over the coil chamber sides, but it can splatter the mouthpiece and other random surfaces. This causes a waste of wax and money, and the liquid-like wax gets into other parts of the vaping device that can even make it difficult to remove the mouthpiece when you want to re-pack the wax coil. Although an overpacked coil may not ruin the device, it will impact the overall vaping experience by blocking the airways, creates a sticky mess inside the vape pen components, and can make the device a less efficient.


3. Only Pack Wax You Plan to Vape

An extremely important part of the overall vaping experience boils down to how the wax is packed. Just like overpacking a dab pen causes waste and extra cleaning, under-packing the device can create weak hits. Typically, the most efficient way to use a dab pen is by only packing what is required for your vaping session, whether you are looking for a few big rips or one quick one before you go. No more, or no less, ONLY what you plan to vape. This will not only help to keep the wax pen cleaner, but it will also save you money. To determine how much wax you should pack into the vape pen, follow this rule of thumb - only pack enough wax in the vape pen to where all of the concentrates will be vaped away during your session.


4. Variable Voltage Wax Pens are King

The goal of any vape pen is to change the wax concentrate into vapor (or a gas form). This is completed by the internal components heating the wax within a certain temperature range. Unfortunately, just like not everyone takes the same type of puffs, not all wax is created equally. In fact, the specific type of wax concentrate obtained will determine what the required heat setting will be to reach the proper temperature for vaporization. In order to achieve the best quality vapor, a critical element to consider when purchasing a dab wax pen is whether or not the device has the ability to adjust the power, aka the heat or temperature of the coil.

Most importantly, if you are very sensitive to vapors but look to use wax vape pens, the ability to control the temperature is very useful as it allows you to keep the heat moderate enough for your liking. Some single voltage vapes may not have incredibly strong output, however, it may be a bit too strong for you, so therefore the ability to adjust the temperature aka volts, watts or heat, is extremely important.

5. Leave Wax Concentrates in the Fridge or Freezer

Most experienced dab users can tell you - unless it has solidified, the wax concentrate is a very sticky substance. Even at room temperature, separating the wax you want to pack for your vaping session can be a pain without the proper dab tools – actually even with the best dabbers it can be tough. To help combat this issue, it is recommended to store wax in either the refrigerator or freezer because cold temperatures solidify wax. Once solidified it allows the user to easily break or chip away at the wax concentrate to more easily load the desired amount of wax into the vape pen coil area.

Another perk to storing wax concentrates in the refrigerator is the ability to prolong the life of the product. When exposed to heat and humidity, the active compounds within the wax concentrate can weaken. Thus, by storing the wax in lower temperatures you can extend the amount of time you have to use the concentrate (which is especially helpful for dabbers who tend to purchase wax in higher quantities).


6. Use Dab Containers to Store Wax

Unlike dry herbs, you cannot place your wax concentrate in any type of container you feel like. Storage matters. While it is easy to think dab containers are just another add-on that a seller is trying to get you to buy, improper storage of concentrates can cause a loss in both wax and money. Dab containers are relatively inexpensive and are often found in a wide array of sizes with varying storage abilities. Wax containers are often small, allowing for easy travel and flexible packing ability while out on the go – and remember that properly moderating how much wax is packed into the box mod vape or vape pen coil will minimize the chance for spills, stickiness, and waste.


7. Keep Spare Wax Coils

Replacement vape parts are an essential part of using wax pens. Whether or not it is by choice, over time the wax coil will need to be replaced. To avoid constant orders, it is always best to be prepared and to keep replacement parts – unless you want a vaping session to come to an abrupt end at the wrong time. While it is up to the user the exact number of spare coils to keep on hand, it is commonly recommended to keep at least one spare wax coil with your device at all times.

8. Keep the Vapor Pathway Clear

Wax concentrates are a very sticky substance, and over time a residue will build up along the walls of the vapor pathway. Since wax has a super-sticky nature, it tends to be more pronounced than other vaping forms. To help prevent this build-up and maintain proper vaping airflow, you should regularly soak and clean your wax pen components. This can include filter screens, mouthpieces or tips, and more depending upon your specific wax pen setup. Remember to keep this in mind - if your dab pen is not hitting properly and you cannot find anything obstructing the connection, the culprit often boils down to improper care and cleaning.

While most wax pens have similar components, it is important to remember not all devices are equal. Storing your wax at the proper temperature, cleaning your device, and never overpacking your dab wax pen are essential to a positive vaping experience. While each user has their own standards, by following these helpful tips you can avoid common mistakes, wasting wax, and help to prolong the overall life of any wax pen.

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