Yocan Evolve D Vape Pen Review

The Yocan Evolve D is a portable, dry herb vaporizer pen that is very easy to use, plus affordable. The vape is very versatile as it can operate as both a combustion and a convection vaporizer.Check out this review to learn everything about the Evolve D.

by: Nathaniel C. | 05/13/19 1:30PM


Dry herb vape pens are a great alternative to smoking dry herbs. Vaping is more convenient and discreet than smoking which is why so many people are making the switch. There are countless dry herb vapes on the market that it can be difficult finding the right one. The Yocan Evolve D offers a top quality, versatile dry herb experience. Its dual pancake coils uses combustion to heat the dry herbs in the chamber providing smooth, flavorful smoke. Use a glass screen with the Evolve D to get vapor rather than smoke. Some dry herb vapes packed with features like smartphone app control can cost hundreds of dollars. The Yocan Evolve D keeps it simple and provides a solid dry herb vape solution without breaking the bank. This is a great vape pen to take to the beach or mountains when you want to smoke but there is too much wind to use a lighter.


What’s in the Kit?

The Yocan Evolve D dry herb vaporizer comes with a 650 mAh battery. This battery is 510 threaded, the industry standard. It also includes an Evolve D atomizer, a replacement spiral coil, a cleaning brush, and a usb charger. It comes in a sleek box that makes an excellent gift and can also be used to store the vape.


Top Attributes

To choose the best dry herb vaporizer for your needs, we look at the key features of each vaporizer and see how it stacks up to other dry herb vapes. The main feature of any dry herb vaporizer is its heating method and a dry herb vape usually uses convection or conduction to heat dry herbs. The great thing about the Yocan Evolve D is that it performs as a combustion vape, but with the use of glass screens, it can perform as a convection vape.

A conduction vaporizer, aka a combustion vape, will combust dry herbs similar to smoking but without the harmful chemicals found in lighter fluid. Combustion vapes have one or more heating elements within the herb chamber and the direct contact between the herbs and the coil is what causes the herbs to combust and create smoke.

Convection vapes on the other hand have a heating element outside of the heating chamber which heats the air, and then passes the hot air through the herb chamber, essentially baking the herbs like a convection oven. Proponents of convection vapes claim that convection provides the better vaping experience than combustion, but it is really just personal preference. Some users prefer combustion because it can provide a thicker vapor or smoke and offers a different flavor than convection vapes. Those who enjoy the flavor of smoking dry herbs often prefer the flavor provided by combustion vapes. If you want both convection and combustion for your dry herbs, check out the Yocan Evolve D.


Even Heating with Dual Pancake Coils Heating Technology

The Yocan Evolve D dry herb vaporizer has a unique dual pancake coil design. Where most pancake style coils have a single wire, the Evolve D uses two parallel wires that spiral around the base of the atomizer. This provides more even heating along the base and throughout the herb chamber. Use a glass screen between the coils and dry herbs to get even more even heating. The result is a combustion pen that produces a thick, flavorful vapor. The Evolve D mouthpiece can be pushed in to quickly repack the chamber. This feature combined with the dual pancake coils makes it easy to vape entire loads without opening up the chamber and stirring the herbs.

Budget Friendly

The Evolve D is one of the most budget friendly dry herb vaporizers without sacrificing quality. It boasts a powerful 650 mAh battery that will last all day. It has a sizeable herb chamber and the self-packing mouthpiece makes it easy to get the most out of each load. Plus, the Evolve D uses combustion technology with dual pancake style coils to deliver smooth, flavorful vapor or smoke.


Discreet and User Friendly

The Yocan Evolve D looks very similar to the other Yocan concentrate pens. Many dry herb vapes are boxy, but the Evolve D is a sleek pen shape for discreet vaping. This vape is super easy to use. Like most vapes, it turns on with a simple five clicks of the power button. Loading it is a breeze and you just hold down the power button to activate the coils and start vaping. There is no need to set a temperature and wait for the vape to reach your desired temperature.

With some combustion dry herb vapes, you will need to open the chamber and stir your herbs to fully vape a load. Simply press in the Evolve D mouthpiece to repack a semi-vaped bowl. This feature also makes it super easy to clear completely vaped bowls.


How to Use the Yocan Evolve D dry herb vaporizer

Getting started

First, if needed, charge the vape battery.  You can charge it with the included USB charger. Then unscrew the mouthpiece to reveal the herb chamber. Press the power button five times to turn it on and then make sure your coils are working. You can prime the new coils by holding the power button for three to five seconds. This is especially important with new vape coils as it removes any impurities that could have made it onto the coils during the manufacturing process.

Packing the Yocan Evolve D dry herb vape

When vaping dry herbs, it is essential you are using ground herbs. Chunks of herbs will not vape properly and you will end up with a taste that is not at its peak. Use a quality herb grinder that can produce a soft, fine grind to break up herbs. Then lightly pack the ground herbs into the herb chamber on the Evolve D until it is almost full. Then you can connect the herb chamber back to the battery and atomizer.


Hitting the Yocan Evolve D dry herb vape

This dry herb vape pen is super easy to use. There is no temperature setting, simply hold down the power button to activate the coils and take a pull. To get thicker hits, hold the power button down for a couple of seconds before starting your pull and keep it held throughout your inhale. To get thinner, smoother pulls, do not hold the power button very long and let off the power button midway through your inhale. After a few puffs, you can press in the mouthpiece to repack the chamber. When your herbs are all smoked or vaped, just take off the herb chamber and press the mouthpiece in to clear the used herbs. Then it is ready to load more herbs.

Maintaining and Cleaning Yocan Evolve D Dry Herb Vaporizer

Keeping a dry herb vape clean is the best way to ensure a long life. The Yocan D makes it easy to clear vaped herbs with its clearing mouthpiece. If there is any leftover debris in the chamber, remove it with the included cleaning brush. You can also use this cleaning brush to gently remove debris from the coils. Just be very careful not to press against the coil as they can be easily damaged.

Coils will burn out eventually and can be replaced. You can find replacement coils in our store. If the coils are still working but covered in residue, you may notice a degradation in flavor. The best solution in this case is to replace the coils.

Otherwise, the Yocan Evolve D requires very little maintenance and cleaning. You can wipe the mouthpiece with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess residue. If you can’t remove all the residue this way, you can soak the mouthpiece in rubbing alcohol, although this can degrade any exterior color, and if you do soak it, always give it a warm water bath after. Also, make sure it is completely dry before packing herbs back into the chamber.


How Yocan Evolve D Dry Herb Vape Compares to Other Vapes

The Yocan Evolve D dry herb vaporizer is a budget friendly vape pen that does not sacrifice quality. It uses dual pancake coils combustion technology to provide even, direct heating of dry herbs. This creates thick, flavorful rips that satisfy dry herb enthusiasts. If you prefer the flavor provided by convection vapes, your best bet is picking up a convection dry herb vaporizer like the E-CLIPSE, DaVinci IQ, Stoner Joe or something else. Most convection vapes come with a higher price tag, however it is strictly convection, no glass screens needed. You can get a cool vapor from a combustion vape, but you can also burn your herbs if they get too hot. This doesn’t happen with convection vapes. The E-CLIPSE is the best value convection vape and provides great-tasting, smooth vapor. On the high end, the DaVinci IQ delivers the ultimate dry herb vaping experience, is composed of the highest quality components, and can be controlled with a smartphone app.

The Evolve D is very similar to the AGO vaporizer. Both are compact, easy to use combustion vapes. They both have a 650 mAh battery and have similar size herb chambers. The biggest difference between these vaporizers is the display screen. The AGO has a display screen that shows the puff count and the battery meter which can be very convenient. The AGO can also be modified with a Wax Coil to vape concentrates in addition to dry herbs. You could also vape concentrates on the Evolve D coils, but it is designed for dry herbs and the concentrates will leave residue that will affect the flavor of your dry herbs and may damage the coil. We recommend always using separate atomizers for dry herbs and concentrates.

Is the Yocan Evolve D Dry Herb Vape for Me?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, dry herb vaporizer that provides thick, flavorful smoke or vapor, the Yocan Evolve D is an excellent choice. It has a simple design that makes it easy to use and keeps the price tag low without sacrificing quality. Dry herb vapes vary greatly in features and performance. Dry herb connoisseurs may be willing to drop a few hundred dollars for the ultimate dry herb vaping experience. If this is you, we recommend checking out the DaVinci IQ or Pax lines of vaporizers. If you want a dry herb vaporizer that provides the best value and strong performance, the Yocan Evolve D is a great option.

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