Oil Vape Pens - The Complete List of Oil Pens

Vape oils and e-liquids have become very popular. Read this post to fully understand what an Oil Vape Pen is. We break down oil pen basics plus provide an in-depth oil vape list with various types and specific models.

by: Matthew H. | 04/22/19 1:30PM


Oil vape pens continue to dominate the market of vaping, and it is easy to see why. They have a reasonable price point, are extremely easy to use, and they are very convenient. Oil vape pens can be found in gas stations, vape shops, and a multitude of online retailers. If you do not have an oil vape pen and are interested, there has never been a better time to buy one!

Of course, you should know exactly what an oil vape pen is before you go buying one. Oil vape pens are vaporizers that are primarily for use with some sort of vape oil or e-juice. From prefilled cartridges to various 510 thread vape tanks, you can find oil pens for all. The kind of oil used in an oil vape pen can be a number of different distillates, although CBD oil is one of the fastest growing and most popular oils to vape. Some oil vape pens can support attachments for vaping wax distillates and even dry herbs.


Though it may seem straightforward at first, the world of oil vape pens is a varied one with a seemingly endless number of options from which to choose. Some pens have digital displays, voltage adjustments, and heat controls. Some have long-lasting batteries, some are extra small and discreet, and others have hardly any features at all. So how do you pick which oil vape pen is best for you?

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best oil vape pens on the market. These pens are presented in no particular order, so take your time reading the reviews and finding which pen best fits what you need.

Love a vape pen that is not on this list? Let us know! We will continue adding to this list as we come across more high-quality oil vape pens, and we would love to hear from you!

Having said that, it is time for the main event! Let the list begin.


SteamCloud Mini 2.0

One of the best oil vape pens on the market got a fantastic upgrade in its new version 2.0. The SteamCloud Mini 2.0 offers variable voltage settings between 3.4 volts, 3.7 volts, and 4.0 volts (indicating by the colors green, blue, and red respectively). Variable settings allow you to get just the kind of vapor you want. Use a lower setting to get smooth hits with light vapor, and use a higher setting to get big clouds of vapor (though we always recommend starting on the lowest voltage setting when vaping a new cartridge). It is compatible with most 510 skinny cartridges, meaning that nearly any cartridge on the market will work with this vape pen. Easy to use and straightforward, this oil vape pen is a great choice for beginners.


SteamCloud Mini:

The predecessor to the Mini 2.0, the original SteamCloud Mini still offers a solid vaping experience, especially for those who are brand new to vaping and overwhelmed with all available options. It is compatible with 510 threaded skinny cartridges and has a 650mAh battery which will help vaping sessions remain uninterrupted. The cartridge actually slides inside of the vape battery, save for the mouthpiece, which helps keep your vaping discreet. You can find an oil window on the side of the vape that allows you to easily see how much of your preferred oil you have left without having to constantly move or adjust the cartridge inside the vape battery. Overall, a simple, straightforward design that is ideal for beginning vaping enthusiasts.


Yocan Hive 2.0

All of the pens on this list can vape oils, but there are a few that can do just a bit more, including the Yocan Hive 2.0. Not only can this oil vape pen used vape oil from prefilled 510 threaded cartridges, but it also comes with an attachment that allows for vaping wax distillates as well. Vaping wax requires specific tools and features that a typical oil vape will not have, including heating coils, a specially designed mouthpiece to keep your lips from the heat source, and a dab tool to place the wax in the perfect spot on the heating coil. Not to mention that beefy battery needed to handle the process, which is far more power intensive than typical oil vaping. If you find yourself interested in both wax and oil vaping, the Yocan Hive 2.0 is a fabulous choice.


SteamCloud Micro

True to its name, the SteamCloud Micro is just a little guy. Coming in at just 2.75 inches tall with a slim body, the Micro is the perfect vape pen for travel or discreet use. It is so small, it can easily fit into any pocket, purse, or piece of luggage. It is still compatible with 510 threaded cartridges from oils to wax and herb.Though it is made small, it still gives you big options in what kinds of oils you want to vape. The voltage on the SteamCloud Micro can also be adjusted between 3.2, 3.7, or 4.0 volts so you can still customize your vape session to get the precise kind of vapor you want. However, be careful with long vapes at high voltage, as the 360mAh battery will not be as long lasting as larger vape batteries such as the EVOD vapes! The SteamCloud Micro is the premier choice in super small, super discreet, and super high-quality oil vape pens.



SteamCloud Stylus

For the simplest, most discreet vaping option, there really is no competition to the SteamCloud Stylus. How does it work? Attach a 510 threaded cartridge and begin vaping. Literally, that is it! There is not even a power button on the pen, you simply load the cartridge and go. And to keep it extra discreet (or to help you multi-task while vaping, whichever take you prefer), the opposing end is a stylus that works on smartphone and tablet screens. Unless someone actually sees you take a draw from the pen, they likely would have no idea that your handy stylus is actually one of the most discreet vape oil pens on the market. There is not a pen that is easier to travel with or easier to use, so if you feel intimidated by even the most simple vape pens, the SteamCloud Stylus would be perfect for you!


SteamCloud EVOD

If a pen with a little more power behind it is what you want, the SteamCloud EVOD is a hard product to beat. To start, it has a larger battery than most oil vape pens, coming in at 900mAh. You will not have any worry about running short on battery power during a vape session. It also has the option to change the voltage, going as low as 3.3 volts and as high as 4.8 volts. Again, we always stress that you should start with a low voltage on a new cartridge, even if you want to get right to taking big hits and making huge vape clouds. As with the other oil vape pens on our list, the SteamCloud EVOD is compatible with most 510 skinny cartridges, so there is almost not prefilled cartridge you will not be able to vape. A fantastic choice for someone who is looking to fine-tune their vaping experience and wants the power and customization to be able to do it.


Box Mod Vapes

Box Mod Vapes are a bit of a different animal than standard oil vape pens, and you can find many popular brands available from SMOK, KangerTech, SteamCloud and more. Box Mods are made to be compatible with a variety of different attachments, including those meant for oil vaping, wax distillate vaping, and even attachments that support dry herb vaping. In order to do that, Box Mods have a wide range of features that allow them to be tuned in to specifically what is being vaped and what kind of attachment is being used. They also generally come with a hefty battery, ranging from anywhere between 1200mAh up to 1800mAh and potentially higher. Box Mods are generally ideal for those that have some experience vaping and are looking to not only customize their vaping experience as precisely as possible but also enjoy vaping a variety of different distillates and oils.


Oil Vape Pods for Dry Herb Vaporizers

Some of you reading this may own a dry herb vaporizer but are currently in the market for an oil vape pen. Before you take the plunge into buying an oil vape, did you know that there are attachments for your dry herb vaporizer that allow it to vape oils? They are called “oil tanks” or “vape pods”, and many find them super handy and very easy to use. In a nutshell, you drop some oil or e juice into the tank which contains a cotton cloth. You allow the cloth to soak of the oils and then place the oil tank into the heating chamber of your dry herb vape. From there you heat the vape as you normally would and the start vaping. This is not the best method, but it works and allows your dry herb vape to do more than vaping herbs. Unfortunately, on the downside, this method does not allow you to vape pre-filled 510 threaded cartridges which are very popular nowadays.

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