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Vaporizer Buyers Guide

Vaporizer Buyers Guide


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Tips, Buyers Guide, Instructional, Question & Answer

Are you looking to buy a vaporizer and need some help? Do you have questions about the different choices and various functions? How about the industry terminology? Even for those starting at square one, we have created an organized, easy to understand vape guide so that you can compare and contrast all of the options.  With 2 easy steps we guarantee to have you in front of the choices relevant to your needs.


Step 1: Get in front of the relevant options for you

Searching for a vape pen can be overwhelming with all of the different options available. To help streamline the process and get in front options that may be of interest, first figure out, what type of vaporizer am I searching for? The answer to that question depends on what you are looking to vaporize. The answer will be one of the following:

  1. Herbs
  2. Wax Concentrates
  3. Oil & E liquids

It is important to start by choosing from one of the three vape categories above.  Just within the herbal vaporizer space there are many models to choose from, and that is true for wax and oil vaporizers.  There is no sense in looking at 30 different options if only 10 of those options make sense for you. So if you want to efficiently look through the various relevant choices to you, narrow the search by picking option a, b or c.


Step 2: Scroll to the Vape Guide for you

With the answer chosen from above, navigate to the correct vape guide for you and start making informed decisions today.  We have created a guide for each vaporizer category so that you can easily sift through the options in an organized fashion. So if your answer to the question above was herbs, then you need to go to the guide for dry herb vapes. If the answer was wax or oil then go to that associated guide.


1.  Buyers Guide for Dry Herb Vaporizers – click here

If you are in the market for a dry herb vape pen and want some insight on the different models offered, check out this guide. We explain the various aspects of each vape such as the temperature controls, battery life, portability and other important aspects.


Important features of Herbal Vapes:

  • Combustion versus true vaporization
  • Heating chamber size
  • Temperature control flexability
  • Size and portability
  • Heat up time

Recommended Herb Vapes:

  2. Titan 2


2.  Buyers Guide for Wax Vaporizers – click here

A lot of the growth within the vape pen market can be attributed to the increasing popularity of wax concentrates. Besides a rig equipped with a domeless nail, wax pens are the only way to enjoy this stuff. Our guide will help you understand the basic features such as battery life, size, portability and price, but we also explain other important aspects such as the heating atomizers that can vary tremendously from product to product. The different atomizers can contain one or multiple heating coils wrapped around varying materials such as wick, ceramic or quartz.


Important Vape Pen features:

  • Material of the heating element
  • Voltage output settings
  • Spare parts availability
  • Battery Capacity 

Recommended vape pens for wax:

  1. Yocan Pandon
  2. Micro Vape Pen Quartz kit


3.  Buyers Guide for Oil Vaporizers – click here

Within the oil liquid vaporizer space, the different options to choose from vary widely in terms of functionality. 510 oil cartridge attachments have become extremely popular so the stylus 510 vape battery and others like it have also grown in popularity. But we offer other options for the oils and e liquids, especially for advanced users that preference quality box mods and related 510 vape part attachments.


Important features of oils and eliquid vapes:

  • Wattage output control
  • Battery Capacity and type
  • OLED Display screens
  • Advanced box mods versus the simple stylus style oil pens

Recommended Vape Pens:

  1. Stylus Oil Pen Battery
  2. SteamCloud A-40 Box Mod


4.  Buyers Guide for all Donation Listings – COMING SOON, but access the donation listings on the homepage here


Giving back to the community and various charities is very important to us here at nyvapeshop.com. We have specific vaporizer kit listings designed to help raise donations for various causes. We donate 10% of all the purchases towards the cause of your choice. Check out the charities we support below:

Important features of Donation Listings:

  • We Donate 10% of the total sale price to the cause of your choice
  • For only $35.99 you get 2 vape pens
  • Get yourself something good and help the world at the same time

Recommended Donation Listings:

  1. ASPCA
  2. Breast Cancer

Vape Terminology

1.  The words vaporizer, vape pen, vapor pen, and even more variations are all often used interchangeably.  Usually it is okay and it makes sense.  For instance the terms, box mod, dry herb vaporizer, and oil vape pen can all be considered vaporizers in the general sense - that is because a vaporizer in the basic most definition is a device that heats some sort of substance by way of a battery equipped to some sort of heating chamber and a mouthpiece.  So a box mod is a type of vaporizer but not all vaporizers are box mods.

2.  The words atomizer, heating chamber, coil, cartridge, tank and other variations are also used somewhat loosely and interchangeably. Typically it is just a reference towards the part of the vape that holds the herbs, wax or oils.

3.  The terms oil and eliquid are are not typically used interchangeably when discussing the liquids and oils themselves. But, they both are vaped using the same type of vaporzer and are therefore often grouped together.  Both are a liquid-like substance that can be used with the same type of vapes and heating chambers.  But, the the term oil is typically referring to herb oils and eliquids typically refer to the various flavors of ejuice.

Why NY Vape Shop?

1.  Don’t overpay for shipping or wait too long for an order to be delivered. We offer FREE US shipping on all orders and the shipping is super fast because fulfillment is typically same day.

2.  Discreet packaging is important to many people. Every package we send is super discrete and only contains the shipping address plus other postal service information like barcodes for scanning the tracking information.

3.  It makes sense to deal with a trustworthy company that will be there when you reach out with questions. You can see from the reviews that we are highly rated by our customers and our top-notch customer service is always available to answer any questions.

by Joe E.
01/04/17 9:00AM
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