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Vape Pods

A vape pod is becoming one of the those popular products on the market. Think about it – how many people do you see using the JUUL vape or something similar? That is a pod vape and you purchase vape pods to use with it. The same goes for many other oil pod vapes you buy in a smoke shop or online vape store. Many vape pods are one-time use, but others are re-fillable and you can buy e-juice or oil to put into the pods. Because they are so handy and easy to use, look into vape pods as your next vape products.

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How to Choose a Vape Pod

Choosing a vape pod is as simple as understanding your tastes, preferences, and needs. And if you already have a vape battery, your options will narrow depending on its compatibility with various vape pods. While this doesn’t mean there isn’t an objective way to go about choosing a vape pod that will work well, most vapers have tastes and preferences that will sway you towards this or that product. Below are some common considerations to think about when shopping for vape pods.

Pod Vape Compatibility

As noted above, you will need to make sure your vape battery and your pod are even compatible. If you are purchasing both at the same time this is still something you will need to keep in mind, so make sure to pay attention to those details and reach out if you have questions. To determine if a pod and battery are compatible, it can be as simple as reading the descriptions in each product page or reaching out to our friendly customer service for help. You can also research the various battery type and vape pod types with blog and our vape shop dictionary pages.

Vape Pod Flavors

There are a ton of different vape pod flavors and varieties. Truly, it is hard to describe in words the extreme diversity. Flavors as simple as ‘cherry’ or ‘apple’ are as common as stranger, more specific flavorings like ‘apple pie with vanilla ice cream’ or ‘cotton candy explosion surprise’. It doesn’t take an overactive imagination to imagine the creativity with which some of these juices or oils are named – much like other forms of concentrates or derivatives of dry herb.

Re-fillable Pod Vape

Refillable pods are going to have an extreme level of value to the economically or environmentally conscious consumer. This is because you can usually buy a larger bottle of juice or oil and then simply add more to your pod whenever you are running low. However, for convenience, it is easier to use a disposable pod. This is because you aren’t worried about spillage or leakage. Again, you will need to consider your preferences and vaping habits to make the best choice for yourself.

Heating Element

As you can imagine, there is some heat produced through the vape battery. This heat is transferred to the vape juice or oil by a 3rd party material. Sometimes this material is as simple as a fiber wick. Sometimes there is a ceramic or quartz coil involved. Each of these materials has different advantages. For example, fiber wicks work better with thinner types of juices or oils. Whereas the ceramic might take longer to heat up and work better with thicker oils.

What is a Vape Pod

Due to their sheer popularity, there is a wide degree of diversity in vape pods. They can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and be self-contained and disposable or refillable. Because of this, you should make sure you understand what a vape pod is and does. A vape pod contains e-juice or oil concentrate that you will vaporize using a connected battery. Because the battery is the source of heat, make sure that you are purchasing pods that will be able to connect to your vape battery. In case any of this seems confusing or overwhelming, continue reading to see a breakdown of some of the main considerations and components.

Best Vape Pods

There is no real way to tell you what is the ‘best’ vape pod – you’re going to have to ultimately decide that for yourself. For example, you might be most worried about purchasing new vape pods constantly – in that case you are going to want to get a refillable pod. Or, maybe you are most concerned with spilling vape juice all over yourself, etc. In other words, you need to prioritize for yourself.

Juul Pods

Probably the most popular type of vape pod are the Juul pods. Moreover, there are a ton of great pod brands compatible with the Juul, providing you with a ton of options going forward. Juul pods do not require much power to operate, versus larger oil atomizers fashioned to work with larger box mod vape batteries. However, in case you lose your Juul battery, pod, or either becomes damaged, it is not hard to find Juul compatible products sold nearly everywhere.

Ziip Pods

Ziip pods are available in a variety of flavors found in the original Juul pods as well as two other exciting flavors like cappuccino or grape. Moreover, they are compatible with Juul pods and contain a slightly larger amount of juice meaning they will last longer and can be considered at a discount. These pods are also sold in different nicotine strength levels as well so you can adjust the level of nicotine you are consuming.

Eon Pods

Eon pods are Juul compatible and will provide you a wide variety of crazy, delicious vape flavors that are not found in Juul pods. Things like blueberry, lime, etc are all available from Eon Pods. Most importantly, they are designed to be Juul compatible. This means that you can purchase your Juul pod vape and use all sorts of different flavors from those commonly associated with Juul to everyone else’s creative imagination on flavor.

Nicotine Pods

Research still goes both ways in arguing whether these pods are better or worse than cigarettes, so they are an alternative, and thoughts beyond that are person specific. Some pods contain a varying level of nicotine, just as some companies offer different amounts, and some contain none at all. The point is, if you want to be able to consume nicotine without smoking or chewing tobacco, that is an option for you. You can also alternate between these types of pods to ween yourself off of nicotine if that is preferable to you.

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